Project Area
2,500 S.ft.

Completed on

The Wood House

Amidst a rather pretentious neighbourhood, The Wood House breaks forth into an articulation of personalised spaces to foster the needs of this family.
The house follows the topographical gradient of the sloping terrain, mellowed down by way of steps, gradually leading to an upper storey and facilitating easy accessibility. While the lower level cradles a cosy living zone, the level above holds an ingeniously carved out personal space for the client, fondly referred to as the ‘Den’ with the desired privacy and comfort, along with an adjoining terrace.

Amongst the many significant elements of design, the wood-clad ceilings and furnishings, along with the infinite expanse of jaisalmer stone adorning the flooring below, bring a feeling of warmth and a sense of belonging to the enclosed spaces. Uniformity in material selection and simplicity in design lend the house a character that is homogenous and easy on the eye – an attribute every home connects with.