Altamount Road

Project Area
7,500 S.ft.

Completed on

The Terraced House

Secluded in the heart of the city, on the summit of a skyscaper, The Terraced House touches base with its surroundings.

Encasing the crowning three levels of the towering structure, the lowest floor is the family zone that houses bedrooms in addition to a warm and vibrant family room. The floor above, entertains the guests with the dining cum kitchen and an attached terrace opening out into the mesmeric skyline of the city of Mumbai. A personal zone is sculpted out on the top most floor along with another terrace given over for formal get-togethers and celebrations. Accommodated on the same floor is a personalized den, exhibiting the intricate workmanship of the traditional Rajasthani style and design together with the bewildering outdoors.

Bringing together the three distinct levels is the staircase block captivating and inviting by way of its apparel and design. Owing to a recent renovation, the penthouse still maintains its former charm and simplicity of design with a fusion of contemporary and classical elements that only add to the character of the house.