Project Area
6,000 S.ft.

Completed on

The Mango House

The Mango House is the physical manifestation of a quest to connect with the natural environment. The house is a reflection of the architect’s creative sensibilities – Its essence being simplicity in thought and expression through the form, its spaces & building material.

The design objective is to stay true to the basic values of being organic in texture and adopting green culture.

“Form follows Function”

The site is dominated by mango trees and thus the house gets its definition from them. The ‘function’ is identified as the conservation of these 100-odd year old inhabitants. The ‘form’ of the structure is governed by their location on the North, South and East sides of the house. Their presence on the plot warranted the design approach to be responsive in context with its surrounding.

The entrance on all four sides along both the north–south & east-west axes leads to an uninterrupted view of the verdant landscape. The restrictions imposed by the narrow plot on the construction site entailed the house to be taken to the second level. The location of the mango trees on the plot demanded the layout plan to accommodate the roots of the trees during the excavation phase.

There is a fine balance between the open and covered spaces of the house. The form reflects an azonic flow of spaces across both levels without losing its proportion in design. The suspended steel staircase is the raison d’etre of the house as its majestic presence dominates the interiors.

The Mango House is a subtle presence of the expression of creativity, which bears virtues of timelessness and serenity amidst the chaos that surrounds us.