Project Area
7,000 sq. ft.

Completed on

TA Associates – BA

In the belly of an ellipsoidal tower with a multi-faceted glass facade, TA Associates emerges into yet another interactive office space. As the team were in the process of relocating premises, the new design looks to recapture the classic corporate style of the former office space.

A sleek reception space and a luxurious waiting lounge adorns the entrance to the office. With meeting rooms upfront, the translucent curved enclosures bring a new dynamic dimension to the habitually static passageways. The Partner cabins serenade the external glass periphery with an efficient planned open office that increases work efficiency and productivity levels .

The harmony in the wooden fabrication complements the nude tones of the flooring below and the adept recessed lighting above. An exposed extension of the office is a three-sided enclosed terrace forming the perfect backdrop to the confined furniture and furnishings inset. The landscaped outdoor space provides the much needed break for the team and is a multifunctional space to carry out impromptu meetings and gatherings. The warmth in the woodwork, the uncomplicated design language & the supporting ambient lighting create yet another precedent for future corporate ventures.