Project Area
4,000 S.ft.

Completed on

Russell Reynolds Associates

Russell Reynolds Associates, one of the leading executive search firms in the world, has a facility to reflect its image and respect the stature of its clients. The concept developed consists of a lavish open space without compromising on the functionality.

The first noticeable element is an uninterrupted corridor with glass at the far end that gives complete visibility along with a sense of space and volume. The space is clearly demarcated as the public area – for guest meetings, and private office area – for the staff, and these are visually connected. An engaging story, with a multi-hued image of India, has been created through photo-art to complement the swanky ambience. Subtle materials along with the warmth of marble and wooden flooring are coupled with exclusive Italian furniture.

While their global presence comes through in the contemporary look of the office, the Indian connect can be seen gracing the walls – the design thus manages to translate the international reputation of the client into the local context.