Project Area
9,000 S.ft.

Completed on


Owing to its strategic location and the onus it had as a heritage structure, Newswire18 had an ambitious task ahead. With an area encompassing two levels of floor space, the designers had to carve out offices ensuring efficient use of space and volume.

To be on an international platform 24×7, the office spaces for the news team had to look and feel good which was achieved through efficiency in the designed workspaces intended to be an expression of its time and yet would not overpower the flavour of the existing heritage structure. With modular workstations, the rest of the spaces follow close suit displaying the simplicity of design and its understated approach.

Capturing the Victorian era and then infusing it with modern day sensibilities is something to look out for. The ingenious technique adopted to expose the ceiling above with ducts and services barefaced to blend in as a unified whole is quite remarkable. This amplifies the raw beauty of the voluminous space that emerges out.