Aamby Valley

Project Area
10,000 S.ft.

Completed on


This Spanish villa, set in the idyllic surround of Aamby Valley, is a perfect weekend getaway that provides a certain sense of serenity through its classic design style. The interplay of enclosed spaces with semi-open extentions creates interest in the overall scheme. The white stucco texture of the walls, coupled with stark blue windows, lends the Spanish-Greek character to the villa.  On the other hand, the terracotta tiles on the roof and sandstone flooring add a touch of local flavour.  The land development is a significant aspect of the design process that includes landscaping as well as hardscape, and complements the structure to create an inside-outside balance. Spread over two floors, the villa boasts of verandas and balconies with bare minimum furniture to impart an open feel. The staircase is a striking feature inside the villa, that connects the two levels with balusters in cast-iron adding a rustic character. Flooring plays an important role to set off the white walls. Opal sandstone with white inlay in mosaic is laid in a random pattern, in all the common areas, while the four suites have soft wooden flooring. A blend of various textures and the building materials used add up to an overall elegance, and subtle class that is reflective of European villas.