Project Area
8,000 S.ft.

Completed on

Keynote Group

In the quest for a changeover the Keynote group was looking out for a new space that would be governed by minimalistic design and yet be a fresh take on the former. Comfort and function driven, following an uncomplicated design ethic, the office gets spaced out into a client zone and the open office area.

One of the striking features of this office is its front office – with four conference rooms, each resembling a theme of a locality in London. Entitled the mini London, this area became a very engaging space in the office. There is a rhythmic flow of color from the artwork in the reception to the varied furniture hues amidst an expanse of carpet in the open office, bringing a sense of vibrancy to the spaces. The simple yet classical style blended with the colorful art and decor gives the office its character and sets the overall mood – simple, yet stunning.