Napeansea Road

Project Area
9,000 S.ft.

Completed on

Art House

This house is designed as much for Art, as for its inhabitants. The project is conceptualized by incorporating the heritage character of the structure in the creative process. The right backdrop has been created for art display in various spaces of the house.

The entire space can be broadly classified into two blocks at the lower level – for art and family, and terrace – as a party zone, at the upper level. The design objective is to maintain the sanctity of the heritage structure, with all the modern facilities built into the design. The mosaic flooring blends with marble and wooden flooring through different areas. The use of state-of-the-art technology, without hindering the traditional look of the space, is another highlight of the design. The building elements are simple and easy on the eye, so that the focus always remains on the art.

The terrace has a little bar and a serving area with a green wall in the background and flooring in slate tiles. The rotunda, that is the bar at the lower floor, becomes the smoke room or a lounge here. The terrace completes the home, creating the right balance between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

The most striking feature of this project is the old-world look, co-existing with a modern setting. A balanced blend of two worlds – the traditional existing with a contemporary home, makes the space a visually aesthetic experience.