Project Area
2,400 S.ft.

Completed on

14 Pali Village

The office of Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Pictures is designed in the quaint environs of Pali Village, a typical old gaothan of Bandra, Mumbai. The purple frontage of the studio complements the colourful character of the existing houses.

The semi-open spaces form the highlight of the structure. An intimate cafeteria space has been carved out of the existing plot, complete with the service block and the pantry. Rustic outdoor furniture features as the seating in this most-used space that is overlooked from the terrace above. A glass façade covers the small reception cum waiting area that leads to the offices at the lower level.

The upper level is accessed by a staircase that accentuates the vintage look of the structure. This suspended staircase is designed to move up along the spine to highlight the height of the space that adds volume to the entire office area. The upper level is the management floor with the Director’s den along with offices for the Chief Executives.

On the whole, the design caters to the requirements of a modern production studio, despite its traditional village setting.